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Millionaire Mindset

Are you looking for a clear path to transform your vision into a million-dollar plus business? Uplevel your business with our millionaire mindset workshop for women in business.

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Learn from trusted industry specialists

Earn More Money

Learn practical tools you can immediately use to generate next-level profit in your business

(Average profit improvement found during the Power of One Sessions is $359k)

Release fear, find freedom, gain confidence

Empowering you to make the necessary decisions that improve both your business and your life

Clarify your next steps for financial success

Under expert guidance, you’ll create your own map to reach your million-dollar plus goals

Have you achieved a level of success, but deep down inside you know you’re capable of so much more?

Local Tax Accountant

From the outside, it looks like you’ve “made it”. But deep down inside, you know you and your team have so much more you can bring to the world. Greater earning potential aside, you sense that you and your team have the ability to help more people.

The problem? You’re feeling stuck. And you’re not sure what to do to elevate your business to that next, critical level and unlock the life of your dreams. That’s where we can help.

Our Millionaire Mindset course will help you:

  • Access the freedom you need to grow into your potential
  • Gain a more holistic understanding of your business and your numbers and enhance the whole world

We’ve designed this fast-paced program specifically to help:

  1. Face the world with confidence
  2. Challenge your limiting beliefs, and
  3. Find your courage to make the big, bold decisions that propel your business vision

What will you learn in this program?


Your numbers tell a story. What’s yours?

Understanding your numbers and the story they tell is powerful for any business owner. The results will enable you to make impactful decisions and help you change your business. And your life. Literally!

You’ll finish week one knowing exactly what your business numbers mean. Plus, during your private “Power of One” session, you’ll discover the quickest ways to improve both your profit and your cashflow.


Pricing for profit, driving growth

Let’s face it. Effective pricing is the most vital component to making money. This means developing a powerful pricing strategy is crucial for your business.

We understand that having the confidence to price what you’re worth is initially difficult. But it’s also life changing. And we’ll help you to get your pricing strategy right.


Using your business to build personal growth with guest speaker Kimberly Linder

Using your business to build personal growth with guest speaker Kimberly Linder.

Kimberly Linder, from Xcel Finance and the Linder Group, went from having nothing to owning a portfolio of 42 properties. How inspirational is that?

She loves educating others about the simple steps you can take to achieve the same results. And we’re excited to hear her share her tips with you on using your business to build your personal growth.


Selling with purpose. Your gift to the world

‘Selling’ often gets a bad rap. But did you know there’s a lot of power and beauty in sales? It’s a way to generate powerful solutions to big problems.

You’ll learn the skills to quickly understand your prospect so you can sell at a deeper level.
You’ll create your ideal sales process to help master your conversions. And you’ll finish this week understanding the five main sales objections and how to overcome them.


Meet the world with confidence

Are you still with us? If so, then you must be at that stage in your life when you no longer want to play small so others can feel big. And we’re with you!

We won’t tell you everything about this week, but you’ll understand the many ways you can improve your confidence.

Your new self-assurance will help you ascent into your highest power. In fact, you’ll be helping other women to do the same.

Finally, we’ll have drinks to celebrate your success.

All the support you need

Unlike other business development programs, we’re not going to leave you on your own to figure everything out.

Our mission is to provide you with real actionable tools that’ll help you access the freedom to grow into your full potential.

We understand that it may initially feel scary to make big bold decisions. But if you get stuck, we’re here to help. It’s part of our guarantee to ensure you receive a return on your investment.

Because if you don’t get a return on your investment, we’ll coach you for free until you do.

Local Tax Accountant

What’s Included?

Some benefits of our millionaire mindset course include:

Face-to-face for 2.5 hours per week for 5 whole weeks

Immediately actionable tools and skills

Private “Power of One” session

Shared knowledge with other powerhouse women

This isn’t for you if you’re:

This is for you if you’re:

Your Team

Suzanne Walker

Director (CPA)

Suzanne genuinely believes that accountants can make a profound impact on the lives of business owners like you.

Chris Borrett


Chris is a motivated and tireless professional with a passion for making a difference in people’s lives. He has a knack for inspiring women to live up to their full potential.

Kimberly Linder


Kimberly holds a Certificate in Real Estate and is one of Australia’s leading female mortgage brokers. To add to that, she’s experienced first-hand the benefits of owning a large property portfolio.

Our clients results are our testimony!

Here’s some feedback we’ve received from previous mastermind groups we’ve run:


‘The mentorship I get from Suzanne and Chris sets a really strong mindset foundation for me. This solid foundation allows me to enjoy literally very single aspect of my life so much more than I already do. Aligning my business with the way I want to live my life, learning to challenge my limiting beliefs and finding courage to make big, bold decisions to excel in any area of my life. This is officially my favourite 2 hours of the week.”

Kylie Sultana

“I can honestly say that this is one of the best things I have done to boost my confidence in business. Suzanne and Chris have created an incredible resource for women in business to share their knowledge and experiences to help us grow and thrive not only in business but on a deeper personal level. To be in a room full of empowered women is truly an awesome experience.”

chartered accountants.
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We Guarantee your Success!

Worried about seeing a return on your investment? We don’t want you to worry, so here’s our guaratnee to you. If you don’t see a return on your investment, we’ll coach you for free until you do.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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A business advisor guides businesses and organisations on how to optimise procedures and maximise profitability.

In contrast, a financial advisor is a specialist who recommends products and services to help clients achieve their financial goals. This advice can include creating budgets, suggesting investments, and advising on tax-advantaged accounts for education or retirement savings.

A business adviser typically collaborates with clients on a long-term basis, offering guidance for ongoing business challenges.

In contrast, a consultant addresses specific, well-defined problems on a project-by-project basis.

Accounting involves recording and summarising a business’s financial numbers for reporting and tax compliance purposes. Advisory, on the other hand, focuses on understanding your business goals and providing the support and guidance needed to achieve them.

Business advisors can be highly valuable, especially if you’re looking to optimise your operations, increase profitability, or navigate complex business challenges. They offer expertise and an external perspective that can be crucial for making informed decisions.

Whether you need one depends on your specific situation, goals, and the complexity of your business. If you’re facing strategic decisions, growth opportunities, or operational hurdles, a business advisor can provide the guidance and support needed to achieve your objectives.

If you’re unsure, feel in the contact us form today and we can help you determine this.

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