Selling with Empathy

Feb 18, 2021

Selling with Empathy for Business Success.

Worried about coming across as pushy trying to sell in the current climate? Dial up your empathy and demonstrate how your products or services solve your customers’ problems. It is okay to sell right now!

Everyone has been affected by Covid-19 and lockdown. Some people are worried about job security and spending cash. Others have the cash they’d usually spend on overseas holidays available to spend locally.

To recover from such a major economic downturn, we need to increase our business activity and sales. So, how do we do this while being mindful of the struggles our customers have faced? The last thing we want is to come across as opportunistic or pushy and damage our brand. The answer lies in how well we dial up our empathy.

Empathy is your ability to see things from your customer’s perspective and being prepared to do something about it. Ask them questions to find out what problems they’re facing, then show how your product or service can help solve those problems. This is known as ‘problem-solving selling’.

So, how do we become a problem-solving seller?

  1. Connect with your customers and show a genuine interest in how they’re going.
  2. Help them address the problems that your products or services can solve.
  3. Educate your customers through your marketing channels to show how you can solve these problems.
  4. Articulate the value of your products or services and share success stories and testimonials.
  5. Offer low-cost, complimentary, or DIY solutions.
  6. Provide choices and let customers decide what’s best for them.
  7. Offer flexible payment options, but don’t become a bank for your customers; you’re also running a business.

A problem-solver seller is empathetic and sensitive to the unique situation of each of their customers, discovering their problems and offering a solution.

It is okay to sell right now, provided your offering is in your customers’ best interests. Ensure you’re being empathetic and solving problems for your customers, only offering what they truly need. Keeping your business going will ultimately help your customers in the long run.

“Stop selling; start helping.” - Zig Ziglar

Suzanne Walker CPA


  • Suzanne Walker

    Suzanne Walker is the founder of one of Australia’s leading public accounting firms, Clear Path Accounting, and has built her results-based reputation as a transformational business advisor over the last 25 years. She holds the philosophy that accounting is more than just tax returns and compliance and believes that accountants can have a profound impact on the lives of their clients.

    Suzanne began her career after completing her degree in Commerce from the University of South Australia. She started out working for a large accounting firm in Sydney before deciding to make the bold move of starting her own practice. Since then, she has helped countless business owners achieve their financial goals through her sound advice and guidance.

    Establishing a career as a young mum of three, in a male-dominated industry has also gifted her with a passion for helping other women in business. Motivating her to co-create courses and business mastermind groups specifically to empower women with the skills they need to find their own version of success.

    In addition to her work at Clear Path Accounting, Suzanne is also the Vice President of the Penrith Valley Chamber. She regularly attends and often hosts meetings, events and seminars, in an effort to support others in her local business community.

    Suzanne is passionate about helping her clients achieve financial success, taking a personalised approach to every engagement. Her dedication to her clients and her commitment to excellence have made her a trusted advisor to many businesses in Australia.