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Unlock your profit potential with our specialised NDIS business support services.

We will help you navigate complex regulations, optimise your operations, streamline your financials, simplify your reporting and make more money!

Our team of experienced NDIS accountants brings in-depth knowledge of the NDIS system, ensuring compliance and financial efficiency for our clients.

We champion businesses who are champions for others, offering comprehensive NDIS accounting services to support your success.

NDIS Accountant services helping NDIS Businesses in Sydney
NDIS accounting services.

A Clear Path for your NDIS Business Accounting

The NDIS industry has become increasingly competitive, with new providers constantly entering the market. This means that established providers must differentiate themselves and adapt to the ever-changing market dynamics of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Our job is to help you stay on top of your NDIS accounting, compliance, and taxation obligations, but our real strength lies in helping you uncover the hidden opportunities that exist to gain a sharper understanding of your financials, as well as substantially improving your cash flow and profit. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records is crucial for NDIS service providers to ensure compliance and optimise financial performance.

Accounting Services for NDIS Businesses

Running an NDIS business generally attracts the kind of business owner that is a “giver” by nature, and therefore requires specific support systems to avoid burnout. Here’s how we back you on your journey. Our team of NDIS accounting specialists is dedicated to making your financial management as smooth as possible.

For NDIS business owners, we offer specialised NDIS Accounting Services and taxation services tailored to meet the unique challenges and needs of operating within the NDIS framework. We understand the complexities of managing an NDIS business and are here to support you every step of the way.

Accounting Services for NDIS Businesses

Dedicated NDIS invoicing service

Let us enhance your financial stability by ensuring payments are timely and your administrative burden is minimised. Enjoy peace of mind by outsourcing this time-consuming component of your business with accurate invoicing, efficient processing, and expert support tailored to your needs.

Proactive tax planning advice

We provide your business with strategic insights to maximise deductions, minimise liabilities, including tax liability, and optimise your structure to ensure compliance and enhance financial efficiency. By focusing on strategic tax planning, we aim to minimise your tax liability through careful preparation of financial statements, tax returns, and ongoing bookkeeping services.

SCHADS payroll services

Handing this process over to us streamlines your operations, ensures compliance, reduces errors, saves time, enhances accuracy, and promotes cost-efficiency for businesses.

Forecasting & cash-flow management

This process enables you to anticipate your businesses financial needs, optimise your resources, seize opportunities, mitigate risks, and ensure sustainability.

Illuminating management reports

These reports aid in decision-making, performance assessment, resource allocation, strategy formulation, risk management and accountability.

Tax returns & BAS preparation

You’d be crazy not to streamline processes, reduce errors, enhance compliance, save time, boost efficiency, and cut your costs.

Bookkeeping with advanced technology

Leveraging advanced technology in bookkeeping streamlines processes, enhances accuracy, provides real-time insights, automates tasks, improves decision-making, and boosts the overall efficiency of your businesses. Incorporating tailored accounting solutions ensures that the unique needs of NDIS providers are met with precision and customisation.

Strategic business advisory & mentoring

Just imagine what you could achieve with the right guidance, insights, and direction to help you optimise decision-making, foster growth, and enhance your businesses sustainability.

Why Outsource your NDIS Accounting & Compliance

In an industry of givers, there is often an element of guilt around making money.

Let us be very clear… PROFIT IS NOT A DIRTY WORD!

In fact, without it, it is impossible to create and sustain the high-level of care your clients deserve. As an NDIS provider, focusing on specialised accounting services tailored to your needs, outsourcing your accounting, bookkeeping and compliance can offer numerous advantages, including managing business taxes effectively.

Our Client Results are our Testimony!

Don’t just take our word for it.

NDIS Service Provider Sydney

Ashlea Grimmley

“Suzanne has a true understanding of the challenges involved in working within the NDIS model, which has a focus on billing per hours worked. This intrinsically means that there is not a whole lot of wiggle-room for profit.

Since making the decision to work with the Clear Path team, we have managed to claw back tens of thousands of dollars that we had previously written off, we’ve tightened our processes and lowered our outgoings to ensure that we have viable, sustainable growth.

Clear Path not only work with me as the business owner but they also work with our individual team members on their own challenges to ensure we are collectively smashing our targets.”

NDIS Business Owner Sydney

Rachel Carey

“Clear Path are my devoted accountants, who work side-by-side with me in my business, and I can’t sing their praises enough.

What truly sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to our success and their caring approach. Whenever I have a question or need assistance, their lightning-speed responsiveness never ceases to amaze me.

Moreover, the Clear Path team have a deep understanding of the nuances within the NDIS business landscape, which has been invaluable in navigating complex financial situations. They are more than just accountants; they’re trusted advisors who have made a significant, positive impact on my business, and I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.”

Discover how our advice can help you thrive.

“If you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have power, then your job is to empower someone else”

– Toni Morrison

NDIS Accounting Specialists

Why Choose Clear Path?

Curious about why Clear Path Accounting should be your choice? Allow us to provide clarity.

Minimise risk and penalties

Our specialised expertise in managing complex financial regulations and requirements specific to the NDIS framework, ensures compliance and avoids expensive errors.

Enhance operational efficiency

As external experts we can adapt quickly to ever-changing regulations, giving you the space to consider scalability and the resulting resources to help more people.

Reduce costs

We do all the investing in the advanced NDIS accounting technologies and tools so you don’t need to sink significant investment in accounting software or training.

Make better decisions

Our independent professional expertise, provides you with unbiased insights, strategic guidance, gives you the best opportunity to make informed decisions for business growth and sustainability.

Free up valuable time

We take care of the labour and processes so your organisation can focus on core activities such as delivering quality disability support services.

Make More Money!

Xero Accounting Software

Why we use Xero Accounting

Because we love beautiful accounts.

Trust our Customers

Find out how our clients are spreading the word
Greystanes Disability Services
Clear Path accounting team are outstanding, their professionalism warm friendly attitude brings great confidence. As a NFP organisation going through change management engaging clear path day one has made our vision of transformation come alive. Highly recommend Suzanne and her team!
Amanda Quinn
Accountant and Business Advisory Google Review

Greystanes Disability Services

Allara Support Services

I can’t recommend Clear Path Accounting enough! They truly redefine what it means to be a super fun and effective accounting team. Not only are they extremely responsive, but they also make the daunting world of finances easy and simple to understand, stripping away all the technical jargon. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in driving our business towards success. If you’re looking for a business accountant who can lighten the load and guide you with a smile, look no further!

Rachel Carey
Accountant and Business Advisory Google Review
Allara Support Services
Embrace Quality Care Pty Ltd

Choosing Clear Path Accounting as my financial partners has proven to be a decision I have never regretted. The team’s expertise in various aspects of my business has been truly commendable. However, one aspect that stands out for me is the approachability exhibited by everyone at Clear Path Accounting. Whenever I have needed to schedule meetings or speak with a team member, they have always made time for me. Their responsiveness to phone calls and emails has been prompt and efficient, which I highly value as a client. In particular, I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work of Lucy Schein. Lucy’s brilliance, friendliness, and genuine dedication to accounting services have been exemplary. From the early stages of our professional relationship, Lucy invested her time and effort in understanding my business needs and guiding me towards solutions that best suited my requirements. Once onboard with Clear Path Accounting, the entire team has consistently displayed efficiency, open communication, and a pleasure to work with. I truly believe that with Clear Path Accounting, I am not just another client, but have a team of dedicated accountants working alongside me to ensure the financial success of my business. Thank you once again for your unwavering support and expert guidance. I look forward to continuing our successful partnership in the years to come.

Brian Gama
Accountant and Business Advisory Google Review
Embrace Quality Care Pty Ltd
Dementia Guidance & Support
More than accounting, Clear Path Accounting become part of your team! Love their business coaching opportunities and how they have your businesses success at front of mind.

Monique Pockran

Accountant and Business Advisory Google Review


Towoomba Family Wellness Centre
Megan is absolutely outstanding! If it were possible to award her 20 stars, I wouldn’t hesitate! Delving into the world of numbers, taxes, GST, and other financial complexities has always been daunting for me, especially as a new small business owner. Thankfully, I found Megan Hall, an exceptional accountant whose expertise has been invaluable. Megan has a way of making complicated things seem simple. Her patience is endless, and her willingness to assist at every turn makes her a joy to work with. I couldn’t have navigated these challenges without her!
Hussein Aboodi
Accountant and Business Advisory Google Review
Towoomba Family Wellness Centre
Cool Number
1 %

NDIS providers made a loss

34% of NDIS providers made a loss in FY 2022 – 2023”, according to NDS’s State of the Disability Sector Report 2023.

Leverage our expert services and support to ensure you don’t become a statistic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an NDIS Accountant?

An NDIS Accountant specializes in providing accounting services tailored to the unique needs of businesses operating within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). They are well-versed in NDIS regulations, funding structures, and reporting requirements.

NDIS Accountants offer a range of services including financial management, budgeting, compliance with NDIS financial reporting standards, tax planning and preparation, payroll processing, and general accounting support tailored to NDIS providers.

An NDIS Accountant can assist businesses in managing their NDIS funding effectively, ensuring that funds are allocated appropriately, expenses are accurately recorded, and reports are submitted on time to maintain funding eligibility.

Outsourcing NDIS accounting services to a specialized accountant allows businesses to focus on their core operations while ensuring accurate financial management and compliance. It can also provide access to expertise that may not be available in-house.

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